The Model

Our Emerging Markets friendly Model:

  1. We help our clients
      1. Find the best candidates according to your brief using our extensive network coupled with state-of-the-art technology
      2. arrange all interactions between the candidates and yourselves, and communicate feedback in a timely manner
      3. identify the frontrunners for the final interview round
      4. help select the best suited individual
      5. take the sting out of offer negotiations
      6. ensure the offer letter is issued and signed by both parties
      7. reach completion
  2. We help our candidates
      1. by identifying you, and intruding the opportunity to you
      2. by providing timely feed-back (good and bad)
      3. by guiding and coaching you through the interview process
      4. by helping you understand the organisation and it’s culture
      5. by assisting you in understanding the remuneration matrix
      6. by making sure you understand and accept every detail of the offer
      7. take the sting out of offer negotiations
      8. resign from your current role – a very challenging stage!


Finding candidates is easy!

This is why most firms now have internal recruitment desks that execute the majority of their placements trawling the internet using AI software and LinkedIn etc.

However, when it comes to critical and very senior strategic hires, using an Executive Search Firm adds tremendous value. We are able to reach the candidate community that are beyond software driven solutions. We engage with people directly and sell role to them.

Often, the candidate who ends up getting hired was very hesitant in the beginning:

I am happy where I am, and I am not looking to move anywhere at this point”.

We like this response!

When things are good, your boss is a nice person, the money is good; that’s  the best time to move on; moving from strength to strength, which is why we almost exclusively engage with talented individuals who are not active on the job market. We find them and engage with them.

After reluctantly engaging in conversation first with us and then with the client, the interest level usually grows as the process advances and common ground is established. A mutual understanding needs to be established around the role, what the candidate brings to the table and the company culture. This is a highly fluid process that needs to be managed closely, especially when dealing with very senior roles and individuals.

We are experts in handling those highly volatile parts of the process. Of course, all in partnership with the client.


Resignation is difficult!

An often-overlooked stage of the search is the resignation that the successful candidate has to go through after accepting the new job offer. Most search firms leave it up to the candidate to resign from their job without any guidance or coaching. We supervise this important stage very closely.

This is not the time to take your eye off the ball!

Searches that have taken a very long time and cost a lot of resources can fall apart at this point. Nobody wants that!

We have a counter-script that helps the candidate avoid counter offers. It is an added service that is not standard in the search industry, but that really helps ensure a successful outcome.




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