Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the new Emerging Markets friendly executive search model.

Emerging Markets Friendly Executive Search Terms

 You can have the quality of a retained search without paying upfront for an intangible product. Simply signing a contract is not a deliverable worth paying for!

Our fee structure is built on concrete deliverables:

A two-tier retainer-model.

  1. 1/2 of the agreed fee is invoiced on shortlist acceptance
  2. The balance of the agreed fee is invoiced on completion of the search
  3. The total fee is either
    1. A flat fee agreed on between us and the client and stipulated in the “Engagement Contract”
    2. A pre-agreed percentage (stipulated in the “Engagement Contract) of the candidate’s first-years total remuneration package

There will be a certain flexibility around terms depending on the nature of the client’s business and the role in question.

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